Cyber Security

Planning for a Certainty: SMEs and the Importance of Planning for and Mitigating Cyber Risk

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The global cyber security landscape is extremely fragmented, making it difficult for small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to have a clear understanding of the real threat and how to be prepared for a cyberattack. This white paper intends to act as an educational resource to help SMEs recognize, prioritize and plan for the very real threat of cyber within their businesses. Unfortunately, most organizations are targeted based on their ability to pay a ransom. Often there is a trend that once a cyber-criminal has successfully received a ransom payment, they will target similar organizations. Municipalities are a prime target due to the government funding that exists. As cyber security policies and regulations strengthen the responsibility to safeguard personal information on schools, districts/boards, educational institutes and vendors who work with them continues to grow.  

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