• Edge Building

    une entreprise authentiquement canadienne

    Laboratoire photographique et centre de service à la clientèle situés à Burlington, en Ontario.

  • Service à la clientèle

    service personnalisé

    Ligne téléphonique et courriel prioritaires pour les directions d'école.

  • edge photographer

    professionnels chevronnés

    Une école sur quatre en Ontario a choisi Edge Imaging au cours des cinq dernières années!

  • edgeeffects

    edge effects

    Procédé de gestion des couleurs Edge Effects, une exclusivité d'Edge Imaging.



 We love making a difference! 

One of the country's most impactful programs making a difference in kid's lives has chosen us as a photography partner. Just like chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers, Edge has paired with Tim Horton Children's Foundation to form the perfect combination.

At Edge Imaging, we believe in empowering kids. That's why we're proud of our partnership with the Tim Horton Children's Foundation. We are helping to build brighter futures for the children in our communities through camp experiences that build valuable life skills! 


Help us send even more kids to camp! Check out our special calendar in support of the Tim Horton Children's Foundation only available through Edge Imaging. For every calendar sold, $1 will go directly to THCF and help to send kids on a life changing experience. Visit edgeimaging.ca/order to get yours today!




*equivalents are approximate