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Why Edge



 We love making a difference! 

One of the country's most impactful programs making a difference in kid's lives has chosen us as a photography partner. Just like chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers, Edge has paired with Tim Horton Children's Foundation to form the perfect combination.

At Edge Imaging, we believe in empowering kids. That's why we're proud of our partnership with the Tim Horton Children's Foundation. We are helping to build brighter futures for the children in our communities through camp experiences that build valuable life skills! 


Help us send even more kids to camp! Check out our special calendar in support of the Tim Horton Children's Foundation only available through Edge Imaging. For every calendar sold, $1 will go directly to THCF and help to send kids on a life changing experience. Visit edgeimaging.ca/order to get yours today!




*equivalents are approximate




Introducing Edge Loyalty

An industry first, we are excited to introduce our new Edge Loyalty program! Our way of saying Thank You for your business, Edge Loyalty is your premier school photo reward program. It's free to join, and every dollar spent gets you closer to exclusive Edge photo products!



Save all your school photos in one place. Link your school photos year-over-year for exclusive Edge Loyalty photo products. The Edge Loyalty program is available online for fall school photo programs.



Your FREE Gift
Edge Loyalty members spending $35 or more (per child) on fall photo packages online will receive a free 8x10 exclusive Edge Loyalty product! PLUS Edge Loyalty members will receive exclusive sneak peek previews and discounts to new products.

Get Started Today!

Check your child's photo order form for your online portrait codes and join today! Remember, it's free to join. Join Edge Loyalty





Together, we can stop bullying!

Edge Imaging is committed to helping put an end to bullying today, and all throughout the school year. Take advantage of our FREE Resource Guide, Posters, and In-class Exercise to raise awareness on bullying in your school.


Resource Guide

The Edge Imaging Anti-Bullying Resource Guide for teachers and students is an excellent resource tool for providing discussion topics in the classroom. We believe knowledge is the most powerful tool.



Take advantage of FREE Anti-bullying Posters to hang in your school, promoting the positive BE YOU messaging!


In-class Exercise

This activity encourages positive engagement of the Anti-Bullying topic during Bullying Awareness Week.



Click on the links below for a copy of the Edge Imaging Anti-Bullying campaign materials, and implement a positive change in your school.


Edge Imaging Anti-Bullying Resource Guide


Edge Imaging Anti-Bullying Poster – High School


Edge Imaging Anti-Bullying Poster – Elementary


Edge Imaging In-class Exercise – Elementary


If you would like to receive a hard copy of the Edge Imaging Anti-bullying kit, please click here.  


We know that school safety is a key priority for you. It is for us too!

In our commitment to working with you to make your school a safer place, we’ve compiled some great school safety tips to utilize all year long. Download them in the link below and additionally, follow @EdgeImaging on twitter and facebook and join the conversation with #SafetyEd.


#WhoIsEd, you ask?

He is the Edge school safety mascot, reminding educators, students and parents about the importance of being aware of your surroundings to get to and from school safely. You’ll find him at schools across Ontario in parking lots, pick-up/drop-off zones, and other areas reminding drivers to slow down. We’ve even found him in hallways reminding students not to run to class.


Safety Tips:

Click on the links below for safety tips for students, drivers and cargivers!



1. With school back is session, we all need to be reminded of how to share the roads safely! #SafetyEd

Ed WebBanner-Right


2. A friendly reminder to always wear a helmet while riding your bike. #SafetyEd

Ed  bike safety


3. Distracted walking is dangerous walking – keep your electronic devises in your bag or pocket when crossing the street. #SafetyEd

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